About MPSD

Movement Performance San Diego is a state-of-the-art clinical facility dedicated to understanding the biomechanical basis of healthy and disordered human motion.  Movement Performance SD is designed and operated as an affiliate of the acclaimed Movement Performance Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

The basic philosophy behind Movement Performance SD is human health and quality of life depends on the ability to move skillfully and efficiently. Furthermore, it is our belief that movement dysfunction is the root cause of many overuse and sport related injuries of the musculoskeletal system. To this end, we provide in-depth biomechanical evaluations as well as rehabilitation and consultation services for persons with musculoskeletal complaints or those looking to enhance physical performance and/or prevent injury.

Through objective measurements of motion, forces/pressures, muscle activation patterns and muscle performance, more effective clinical interventions can be designed and better long-term outcomes achieved.  Although a primary focus of Movement Performance SD is dedicated to the evaluation of persons who are injured or are having difficulty moving, we also perform biomechanical assessments aimed at enhancing physical performance and preventing injury in non-injured persons; including return to sport evaluations for those who have completed rehabilitation following injury and/or surgery and are striving to return to previous activity levels as quickly and safely as possible.

Beyond enhancing the physical well-being of persons with movement impairments, MPSD is also committed to education and research.  MPSD is working with MPI- Los Angeles in carrying out clinical research to better understand the root causes of various musculoskeletal conditions as well as optimal methods to restore function following injury.