Lower Quarter Biomechanics Fellowship

The purpose of the Lower Quarter Biomechanics Fellowship at the Movement Performance Institute is to facilitate the training of physical therapists who wish to advance their knowledge in the area of clinical biomechanics.  This program offers advanced clinical training as well as hands-on mentoring in the area of movement analysis using state of the art technology. The Fellowship aims to improve graduates’ ability to systematically identify movement impairments that underlie various lower extremity diagnoses. This information is used to direct the clinical examination as well as develop targeted interventions to optimize biomechanical function and performance. The Fellowship emphasizes the practice dimension of diagnosis identified in the Description of Specialty Practice (DSP), in conjunction with the knowledge areas of biomechanics, evidence-based orthopaedic physical therapy practice, and critical inquiry to produce an expert diagnostician.

Inquiries about the fellowship program should be directed to Skulpan Asavasopon, Director of Clinical and Fellowship Education (