"Thanks to Dr. Powers and his whole team for helping me get back to kite surfing. Their program has truly changed my life and improved all of my physical activities."
—Scott Halley


Return to Sport Evaluation

The Return to Sport Evaluation is a signature service of the Movement Performance Institute and is designed to assess the biomechanical readiness of an individual to return to competitive or recreational sport participation following injury or surgery (ie. ACL reconstruction). You will be taken through a series of tests to assess balance, running symmetry, and muscle strength. In addition, we use high speed cameras and force plates to analyze movements consistent with your sport (i.e. jumping, cutting, lateral movements, etc.). The videos are then analyzed for biomechanical tendencies that may place you at risk for re-injury. Clients receive a “Return to Sport Score” that is used to establish return to sport timelines. Information obtained from the Return to Sport Evaluation is used to develop patient-specific rehabilitation and/or return to sport training programs.